Friday, December 7, 2012

Tagg Magazine's Annual Women's Holiday Party

Tagg Magazine's Annual Women's Holiday Party
Promotional Post

      So, you've got no plans for Hanukkah eve, huh? Here it is, the Friday before the festival of lights and you've got nothing to do. Well don't get your dreidel in a twirl, there's a party just for you and all your shiksa-loving friends. Tagg Magazine is hosting it's first annual Women's Holiday Party at Phase One of Dupont in Washington, DC (
1415 22nd St NW, Washington) this very night! Ha-Zaa!

     Doors open at 9 pm and cover is $8 (21+). Looking to get some holiday shopping done whilst out on the town? Well you're in luck, Proactive Paula! There will be local gift vendors on-sight (The Affect Movement, Tight Body Makeover, the Local Massage Therapist, and Labor of Love Film). Why waste your money at department stores supporting face-less corporations when you can purchase hand-made goods from individuals who you can actually reach out and touch?

     At 11pm I have the pleasure of MC'ing the Drag Show which will be ASL interpreted. I also took it upon myself to assume "Holiday Party" meant "costume party" and will be dressed as an elf. At least I know standing next to a couple of fierce queens and kings, me dressed in a onesie with a fanny-flap won't be the most bold outfit choice on stage. If you find it in poor taste for me to be wearing a Christmas costume instead of a more timely Hanukkah outfit, we're in the same boat friend. I wanted to dress up as a dreidel but had a whale of a time trying to pin down that ensemble last minute. 

     The evening will close with the crowing of the highly-coveted title of Ms. & Mr. Season's Greetings. So get your jingle balls ready to rock and come out tonight to support local artists and spread some holiday cheer!


Hosting my first ever drag queen/king show was real delight. Thanks to everyone at Tagg Magazine and Phase One, Dupont for giving me the opportunity to share the stage with the most magical performers Washington, DC has to offer. 

I would also like to thank Ms. Coco Bottoms for teaching me how to properly secure ones merkin to the outerside of your panties...I'm sure that shit will come in handy later on in life.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tagg Magazine Launch Party

Tagg Magazine Launch Party
Promotional Post + Video

On October 20, 2012, the district's first lesbian magazine was introduced into the world and the streets became swollen with hordes of elated ladies (...and queers, and fellas). They demanded a party, and the ladies of LURe answered their cries. All were out to celebrate the magical moment that a lesbian publication (that wasn't porn) hit the streets!

Eboné Bell is the creative powerhouse that took Tagg Magazine from a dream to a glossy, bi-monthly publication whose website constantly teams with new content. And while she has never publicly stated it, I believe the pun of a bi-monthly LGBT magazine was completely intended...yah I see what you did there, Eboné.

I was lucky enough to attend their LURe produced launch party and speak with attendees about their reactions towards the first ever DC published lesbian magazine.

So prepare to get Tagg'd m'friends, for Tagg Magazine's Ashley Linder is on the prowl with a microphone and a camera!

Video Produced by Stone Lyons Media

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kweifing 101

Kweifing 101 introduction

     Unlike its urban dictionary dwelling homonym, this blog has nothing to do with excess air build-up inside of a lady's nether regions. Nor is this a site dedicated to the search and capture of the fabled creature that so many candy-kids and children adore. This page is dedicated to something greater, something more magical than a simple horned horse. This blog is a place where dreams become reality and seemingly mythological notions come to fruition. 

     The mystical nature of unicorns has always intrigued me. We've been conditioned to believe that these animals could never actually exist, that they are the work of fiction and yet it doesn't take an exhaustive google search to find thousands of results displaying malformed creatures with bones spouting from their heads. A horse with a horn (or more realistically, a deer or elk with a bone deformity) isn't that far fetched, in fact-  it's a reality. Sure, they don't shit rainbows, leave a trail of glitter or have hair that smells like cupcakes, but a unicorn-like animal does actually exist. 

     We live in a time unlike any other. Now more than ever, the masses are aware that anything really is possible. We are but a tiny blip in the vastness of the universe. There is so much we don't know and can't see. Every day we're making new discoveries in the world of science and exploration and new information is but a click or two away. Like my belief in the unicorn, I've been told many of the dreams I have aren't possible, that they're too idealistic or absurd to ever materialize into something real. Maybe the unicorn Aesop wrote of is a myth, but that's not to say that a horned creature is solely the work of fiction. Once, stumbling upon an image of a deformed deer, I had the striking realization that dreams sometimes require a shift in perspective in order to come to life. They may not be real in the way a unicorn queefing out double rainbows isn't but that doesn't mean they are impossible.

     There is a lot of shit floating around these days: on television, on the internet, on our cellphones, in our over-active minds. It takes patience and a great deal of skill to silence all the external distractions and truly listen to what our soul demands of us. When I allow the world around me to fall away and I am at peace with myself, my heart sings a song of "together-ness". As a child, I dreamed of living in a community of artists. A rose-colored place where everything was beautiful, people grew their own food, and I could live in a treehouse and ride a robotic dinosaur to work without being judged. My parents were quick to inform me that my dreamland DID exist and it was called a "commune". And that's where people had wild sex parties, no one wore pants, and all sense of morality was thrown out the window. The idea of a slack-less life never became appealing to me but I couldn't shake the vision of creatives coming together and forming a community. 

     "The Eunikorn's Kweif" is my attempt to share something genuine with others. My world is full of creative individuals who are changing the world by infusing it with beauty and art. I want to suck in the imaginative air around me and expel it unto the world. I guess you could say I want to "kweif out creativity" and let the winds of the internet bring even more like-minded individuals this way. Whether it be my opinion; articles I've found while sifting through the expansive sandbox of the internet; doodles I've created to mock the sick, sad side of our modern world; promotional posts highlighting the work of artistic friends; new handmade arts & crafts available for purchase on my etsy page; or videos made with the intention of brightening others' days; this blog is meant to serve all my artistic needs as well as be a source of smiles and enlightening thoughts for others.

     Unicorns do exist (just ask the North Koreans), but only when you adopt a new perspective on something the rest of the world regards as "a deformity" or "an imperfection". Once you embrace your "flaws" and recognize them as your strengths, you might just turn into something myths are made of. If you want to live in your own dreamland, all you have to do is create it. 

     So here's my attempt to share a little light with the world...