Thursday, May 30, 2013

Next Stand-up Performance...

Next Stand-up Performance:
May 30, 2013 || 8pm || $5

Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse

I drew a space unicorn to inform you that I will be performing at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse next week (Thursday, May 30th at 8pm). Come out and get weird with me.

In case you missed it, here is the live performance from May 30th:

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Indianapolis Bench

The Indianapolis Bench
Personal Photos

I'm outside waiting for the truck to find its way back to the garage so we can load it up and go to the banquet and as I'm sitting on the bench I see a lady sitting across from me. She's the very picture of a strong black woman. Her braids securely pinned down and held to her head with a mesh hair net. She is a janitor here and began to tell me how she looks like a mess and her husband told her she should be ashamed but she liked her sweatpants and t shirt. I told her comfort is important and I thought she looked beautiful. She went on about her vacation plans and how she planned on wearing dresses everyday and sandals. She even plans to get her toenails done so she can strut all around. "ima take the bus too because I ain't go nowhere to be. Ima enjoy my time off." She hasn't taken off in years because there was no one to cover her shifts but they hired a new girl recently. Then another woman walked up. White with a mullet, she plopped down next to her friend and they both started talking with me. This woman and her husband were just pulled over by a cop who's been bugging them for a while because their truck isn't safe to drive. "howmeye supposta get to work? I live on the west side and this cop was nasty." The other woman replied, "he iddit hafta do that." It felt good to speak with them. Not sure why exactly, but it did.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

National Seaperch Challenge 2013

National Seaperch Challenge 2013
Indianapolis, Indiana

I went to Indianapolis this weekend to host the live webcast of the National SeaPerch Challenge along with 5:00 Films and Media.

Now more than ever teaching children the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics needs to go beyond the classroom. Programs like SeaPerch provide an invaluable resource for the engineers of tomorrow.

The only way I'd be more excited for this gig would be if the children were engineering fully automated creatures from the Mesozoic era...but, I mean, they are talented lil babers- maybe robodinos aren't completely out of the question.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Silk Route Music Festival Commercial Shoot

Silk Route Music Festival
Commercial Shoot

This past weekend m’lady and I went to the land of wild ponies to shoot a commercial for the Silk Route Music Festival in Cyprus.

With my glow-in-the-dark skin and Jenn’s almond eyes of joy we were the perfect hires for a commercial to air all over the Middle East and Russia…blended right in with those Persian and Iranian girls, practically twins.

Like most beach shoots with perfectly clear skies, it was freezing and I honestly believed for a moment there that my nipples were going to push out of my skin and skidder on down the beach they were so erect. A park ranger came by and gave the hula hoop a whirl. (And, as is the norm for our generation, everyone captured the moment via their cellular devices.)

To anyone who has ever mistakenly thought I was well adjusted or could handle myself responsibly in situations where others are present, ya’ll some silly ass geese. I’m awkward as fuck. My social anxieties are evident even when on a set. I’m tall and thus normally am placed in the back in group shots. This is great because then I can really cut loose and explore my dance moves…get real wild with that shit. I, unlike most gals, don’t give a flying fuck if I’m on camera or not. You need a filler, someone who will have only the back of their arm in a shot? I’m your girl. No ego here, work is work. As long as I will get a copy and credit, I’m golden. I can be seen above “blending in" with all the beautiful people…and by that I mean standing out in a painfully profound way.

It hurts to be this cool, it really does.